Wanted -  Small Frederick Krupp cannon made in the Philippines that fires black powder...and used a cartridge.....cash paid...email greg24313@cox.net
Wanted - New or used wheels for my early British style cannons (see above), 40-44" tall heavy duty.  Any help is appreciated.  I need 4 wheels.  Contact Bill at wldbilly@csrlink.net.
For Sale  -  French mystery cannon (see above) dated 1795 on trunnion, with odd monogram or figure on opposite trunnion (probably manufacturer's logo.). Excavated during construction in harbor area of US East Coast city many decades ago.  Cannon barrel only for sale, carriage not included.  Tube length:  59 inches overall.  Cascabel has been shot off.  Length over trunnions:  15 inches.  Trunnion dia:  2 7/8 in. approx.  Bore:  3 1/4 in. approx. Base ring diameter:  11 in.   Muzzle diameter:  7 1/2 in.  Tube is in fair condition-shows some rust spots that should be treated.  Estimated weight: 700-800 lbs???.  This is probably a 4-pounder???  We know it is French due to the unusual and uniquely French rimbase arrangement.  Rimbases are square and extend well under the tube on both sides.  The French cast rimbases this way on naval cannon, both bronze and iron, around this time period (1795.) Bargain price (remember, tube only!) $3500. Located in Springfield, VA near Washington DC.  Prefer you pick it up, we will load in your truck.  If shipment is required, a packing charge (TBD) will apply.  Subject to prior sale.  email: springfield.arsenal@verizon.net  phone:  703-451-0091; our website:  http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/9688/
For Sale - Battle-scarred veteran French 1-pounder Perrier dated 1795 (An 3).  See above.  This historic French piece was originally issued as a standard Model 1786 swivel gun used in the fighting tops, against personnel.  The French Navy called it a "Perrier."  Some of these were captured and used by the US Navy.  At some point this piece was put on this interesting naval-type carriage, probably for display.  Bore:  2 inches.  Weight of tube:  175  lbs Material:  Bronze Markings:  Right trunnion:  P 168 L (weight)  Left trunnion:  No. 477 (French Marine registry number)  Basering:  difficult to read now but marks in this location on this model always include manufacturer and date of casting, the latter given in Revolutionary calendar.  Appears to mention An. 3, which would be 1795.  Good eyes and/or forensic techniques should bring out all the markings.  Length of tube:  approx. 42 inches.  There is an arrow on the muzzle pointing forward, which is an engraved sight line. Battle scars:  This piece has been heavily used and has one prominent musket ball dent on the chase, and other possible bullet, cutlass, or fragment strikes.  As they say, "if this piece could only talk!"  We have never taken the time to research this piece, but the French registry number could be tracked down in the French archives to learn which ship(s) it was recorded as being issued to, and at least some of its history reconstructed from there.  The French model 1786 is described in William Gilkerson's excellent book "Boarders Away II."  Price:  $9500.  Subject to prior sale.  FOB Springfield, VA.  Pick up is OK.  If we ship, a modest packing fee will apply in addition to shipping charge.  email us at:  springfield.arsenal@verizon.net, tel 703-451-0091. Website at:  http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/9688/
Wanted - 32-Pdr seacoast gun.  Original preferred. Email what you have or something similar to Scott at cheddar@erols.com.

SOLD - Handmade fully functional reproduction cannon. Carriage patterned after English 6-pdr, c1770.  1.5 inch bore, 37inch barrel from noted cannon maker South Bend Replicas. Iron barrel is cast, lathe turned,bored and steel sleeved.  Carriage constructed from laminated select white oak sealed with Smith and Co. wood preservative.  Length 7 feet ,Width 4 feet 2 inches ,height 3 feet 4 inches, approximate weight 400lbs.  Comes with safety rammer, worm rammer,sponge rammer, wooden vent pick, forked linstock, powder box, many feet of fuse.  Price $7000. Buyer responsible for pickup/shipping costs located in northwest Indiana.  Toll Free: 1-888-585-9018 or email irisinn@cfw.com.

"My cannon I listed with you has sold. Many thanks for letting me use your web site. It was a great help. If you ever find yourself in the Waynesboro, VA area I would be glad to put you up at the Inn. Have a great day!" — Walter

Wanted -   Original cannon barrels or complete cannons...bronze, iron, steel, muzzleloading, breechloading, smoothbore, rifled.  Also want breechloading salute cannons and fine arsenal-type cannon models.  No toys.  Top prices paid.  Email photo, brief description, and price to  springfield.arsenal@verizon.net
Wanted - Number one Civil War carriage.  Contact Bruce at bckindig@peoplepc.com.
For Sale - I am selling my full scale 1861 Parrot rifle and carriage. I built it myself from antique ordnance drawings.  It is complete with 2 handspikes, 2 sponges, one worm and one water bucket. Bore is smooth. I have built Limbers and  parts for several other batteries and they are always pleased. This is a nice gun as I built it for myself expecting to hand it down. Price is $11,500. Delivery is available for cost of trip. Contact me at Langford@net-link.net.
Wanted - All or part of Mountain Howitzer...brass or steel barrel, carriage parts, complete carriage, complete gun, or anything associated with Mountain Howitzer.  Contact BuckStix@aol.com.
Wanted - 1861 style 10-inch full scale mortar.  Reproduction or original.  Contact Scott at 703-528-1548 or sdakss@aol.com.
For Sale - Reproduction three inch Ordnance Rifle with carriage and implements by Cannons LTD.  Museum quality, less than two years old, stored inside, never fired.  Smooth bore tube equipped with front and rear sights.  Available now and will deliver at no charge within 500 miles of Fayetteville, NC.  Price is $13,500.  Call (910) 323-0638 or email rbryant@peoplepc.com.  Photo below.
For Sale - A 6 kg cannon in excellent working condition. Interested parties may email rchoukhany@hotmail.com.
SOLD - Full-scale bronze reproduction British Light Infantry Brass Three-Pounder Gun of Bi-Centennial production. This barrel is in excellent condition and correctly marked on both trunions and breech ring and face.  Used originally by both the British and American forces (including their Navies), the Light Infantry 3-Pdr Gun was very important to the American Revolution because it was lightweight, maneuverable and low in cost.  If you've been looking for a first gun or to up-grade to a beautiful bronze gun, here's your chance. The price is $5,400.  Available as a special find from Cannons Online at 301-668-5869 or email classifieds@cannonsonline.com. Photo below. 
For Sale - Selling display reproduction fixed round ammunition for muzzle loading artillery and used reenacting equipment at www.AAAMUNITIONS.com.  Photo below.

For Sale - An authentic reproduction 2/3 scale 1841 6-Pdr cannon.  Purchased from an individual who told me it was commissioned in California and only four (4) were made.  I am a former Marine 0811 artilleryman who served in Viet Nam.  I thought it would be neat to have a cannon, but I have lost interest and need the money to invest in my service station. Asking $4,500.  Email me at danieleraby@olg.com or phone me at my service station weekdays between 9 and 6 at 301-743-5000.  Photo below.